Who says the spooky season is October only? As far as I am concerned, the fall and spooky season began the 1st of September. we are 1 week into the […]

As some of you may know, I’m going through one of those phases where I have felt spiritually disconnected. I’m not sure if many of you can relate, but I […]

Alter egos and a double life?!

The other night I decided to pull out my Oracle of Mermaids deck and pull some cards for the insightful messages.  I ended up pulling “The Selkie & Her Skin” […]

These are weekly musings delivered every “Moon-day” to your E-mail inboxes!  Each E-mail will include a delicious newsletter and PDF download containing goodies such as: -Weekly Readings. -A Tarot Spread to […]

Black Friday Sale - 50% Off Entire Shop!

The Cackling Moon Black Friday Sale! 50% off the entire shop!!!! Valid through Friday at midnight! Everything in The Cackling Moon shop is 50% off! I read Tarot intuitively to deliver […]

Product Review: The Tarot Deck Wallet

The Tarot Deck Wallet by Blake @crownedcrowtarotHello there!  What is your name? Blake Tell us a little bit about yourself:  I guess a Seeker is the best way to describe […]

This is the Taurus Full Moon Reading by Ethony! ?Where do I need to stand my ground? High Priestess ?Where in my life do I need to be gentler or […]