Client Testimonials


“I’ve known Rose for about a year and a half. I like getting my tarot cards read by her because she is very honest and there is no confusion as to what she is reading about. She doesn’t sell fairy tales and gets right to the point. I will continue to get my cards read by her, she is the best tarot reader in the Inland Empire!” -Nancy

“Rose! Thank you for the reading!!! All I can say is… you are awesome!” -Jae

“Thanks for the amazing reading. It was spot on like always!” -Sadaf

“When Rose is reading for me she is so spot on that I am always left completely blown away at the accuracy! I am always left feeling content and excited for my future.” -Mikayla

“I'm in tears. Thank so so much. I have my grandpas sweater in my closet. He passed when I was 17. He lived in Florida and had the red patches. He wore sweaters in the summer. Omg!!!! I'm so thankful for you and this reading. Literally everything resonated. I cant thank you enough Rose! You have a gift.” -Laura

“Thank you so much Rose! I loved it! I wanted to do this one to test it out. I definitely want to do another one. I'm an October baby so I love the spooky theme. And your insights were great I'll also take your advice. Thank you!!!! You'll definitely hear from me in a few days lol” -Andrea

“Well, I need to tell you that you have hit the nail right on the head, with pretty much everything. So, you were right on! You are very gifted and talented. And this was helpful for me. I love it. I cherish what you do in this world. And what you’ve provided to me. ♥️ Thank you.” -Shannon

“Totally adored this reading and really really helped calm my nerves about something that had been on my mind around the time I received this reading. Plus the reading was very very accurate :) Totally love the mermaid bookmark and I use it often to mark my pages in my current book :) Highly recommend this tarot reader!" - Dia

"A beautiful, amazing, and truly heartfelt reading. Rose pinpointed exactly what I needed to work through, and even gave me a clear plan on how to do so, in a completely loving and respectful manner. Honestly, Rose should add 'Life Coach' to her list of talents, because purchasing this reading has definitely coached me to get through issues that have been in the closet for way too long. Thank you so much. <3" - Jessica

"Very pleased with reading. Highly recommend." - Sherry

"My Reading was delivered within the promised time frame, in great quality video format as requested. Rose has a heart of a Teacher, patiently explaining the cards that came up for me and delivering insightful messages that I was seeking. Thank you Rose!" - Ying

"A great job all around." - Tara

“Very insightful and helpful, Thank You, Rose! Will be back again” - Yasmine

"Thank you so much! This was such a lovely, sweet reading! It's so insane because I kept drawing the Six of Pentacles and The Hermit lately. Thank you for your advice and all the care you put into the letter and interpretations! I'll keep your tips in mind and embrace my time of being The Hermit." - Kris

"Absolutely awesome. You picked up on ALL of the things that are major factors in the situation I'm dealing with. You are an awesome reader, very intuitive and thorough. Thank you so much!" - Azila

"This was a great reading, I love Rose! I will definitely keep buying these readings!" - Elaine

"I love my item so much! Rose is wonderful! I will buy again!" - Jennifer

"Simply amazing, one of the most precise reading I had, even though it was a really small one. I definitely recommend Rose if you're looking for someone to read your cards." - Agneiska

"This reading was wonderful. It truly made me feel uplifted, and like a weight was off my shoulders." - Candace

"This reading was wonderful! I really feel that it was accurate, and will definitely take this advice seriously as I come into the next year for me. The video was very calming, and all around lovely.Thank you so much for this reading." - Sara

"Rose's reading was absolutely amazing. I will purchase from again. Thanks Rose!" - Stacey

"I appreciated that you used the Morgan-Greer deck. Helped me connect with the reading better! Your reading gave me the positive energy I needed. I also liked the fact that you wrote down some tips on how to relax. That's so thoughtful!" - Paula

"This reading was very good. What she told me match with what my intuition has been saying. Her reading gave me hope for my future." - Alana

"I loved this reading, it resonated with me so much. It’s pretty much exactly what I wanted ...with a few added surprises :) I’ll definitely come back for more readings in the future" - Monica